Welcome to the 2013 Big Sky Rally - "Into The Unknown"!

Welcome to the Big Sky Rally & RTV. We are honored to host our second rally and first RTV (Ride to Visit). Unlike 2011's "Good, Bad &Ugly" event, we are also inviting IBA members who simply want to visit with friends and enjoy the resort. This class of non-riding participants will be referred to as RTV participants.

New to Sport Riders will have completed no more than one rally having a duration of 24 hours or more. Less stringent requirements will govern these riders in this event. A minimum number of points will be required to qualify as a finisher.

Open Class Riders have multi-rally experience and will be governed by more stringent requirements to qualify as a finisher including a minimum number of points.

All "Into The Unknown" (ITU) riders will qualify for a special ITU SS1K certificate from the Iron Butt Association if they meet the mileage requirements of an SS1K.

We hope to see you next August!

Bob & Sylvie

aka V Twins


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2013 Rally Rules


Northern Rocky Rider (pdf)


2013 ITU Rally Pack (1.3MB pdf)